Garton Delivery Cycle With Miscellaneous Parts

9xkQ: This trike wagon I have looks a lot like a Garton Delivery Cycle, but some things do not.  It has grips on the handlebars that say Western Flyer, but otherwise there are no markings.  Can you tell me anything about this trike? Rick

A: Your tricycle looks to be a Garton Delivery Cycle that someone has repainted and added some different parts.  It looks as if someone repainted the lettering and added a Philadelphia Flyers hockey team logo to the front of the lettering.  The handlebars look to be late 1960’s or 1970’s ape hanger type bars that were available on many different trikes – the grips were probably original to the handlebars.  As far as the effect on the value, it shouldn’t hurt anymore than the repaint job.