What is This Little Red Tricycle?

9inQ: This is a picture of my tricycle I had when I was young some 50+ years ago! I was hoping you could shed some light on who the manufacturer was and the model (if any). The Tires say Swan on them. There are no other markings.

A: You have a 1950’s era Junior Toy Company tricycle. The company was purchased by AMF in the early 50’s, but production continued of the Junior line for years (while the company also produced other lines). Eventually the tricycles were branded as AMF Junior. By the looks of it, your tricycle was probably made before the AMF takeover. There was likely a model number associated with it in the Junior catalog, but knowing it doesn’t really do anything, because nobody that I know of has any knowledge of those numbers to any extent.

New Purchase is a Junior Toy Company Sky Line Tricycle

9upQ: Could you please take a look at my recent purchase and tell me anything about it?

A: Your tricycle is a mid-late 1930’s trike made by the Junior Toy Company.  This tricycle was part of their Sky Line.  If you had the original catalogs from that time, you could narrow down the model number, but usually the tricycles are just referred to as Sky Lines.   The highest end model of the Sky Line was the Sky King.  Yours isn’t a Sky King, but it appears to be an upper end model with a light.

What is This Rusty Tricycle That’s Getting Restored?

zzQ: This was given to me by a friend. I’m a custom motorcycle painter so it will end up with $1000.00 paint job just to make people ask why? I would like to know brand  thanx for any help.I will send pics on completion.

A: You’ve got a 1940’s era Junior Toy tricycle.  For more information as well as some pictures of ones with original paint and period headbadges, you can visit our Junior Toy Co. information page.  Please keep us updated on the restoration and we’ll post pictures of the finished project.