What is this Jet Shaped Tricycle?

9ytQ: Can you tell me the name of the manufacturer and style name of this tricycle, and its approximate value? We may wish to sell it, can you suggest where (website/publication, etc.) we could advertise it for sale?  I have done searches on the internet, but have not found a picture of any other tricycles that look like this one.  Teresa

A: You have a late 1950’s era Murray Supersonic Jet ride-on pedal plane.  This type of toy isn’t normally considered a tricycle.  It’s more of a pedal plane or a ride-on toy in general.  It’s sort of built the same way as a pedal tractor with its chain drive.  This was a toy designed by Viktor Schreckengost and over the years there were some changes.  The exact year is unknown.  If you had catalogs from each year around the late 1950’s, you might be able to pinpoint it based on design and paint scheme, but the exact year really isn’t important.

As far as selling it goes…  I would think that there are some pedal car sites that would have classified ads.  Probably the easiest way would be Craigslist.  It’s free and a lot of collectors search for items there.  If that doesn’t work there’s always eBay, you just have to pay pretty high fees and deal with all of the eBay hassles.