Unusual Diecast Trike Hitch

9cfQ: Hello…I have come across a piece that I have no idea what it is!It’s about 4 inches, marked TRIKE HITCH and Pat Pend. Any ideas?

A: There have been numerous designs of tricycle hitches made for pulling little trailers and carts. Yours appears to be made for pulling a small wagon. The size that you stated makes it see like it would be too small for a normal sized wagon, such as a Radio Flyer.

Tricycle of the Week March 28, 2010: Hettrick American Trike Wagon

9xoThe Tricycle of the Week for March 28, 2010 is this 1950’s Hettrick American tricycle with wagon combo.  It was found on eBay and was offered by sale by eBay seller, jhdmatsfan.

The final selling price of the tricycle was $62.00.

The link provided links to the seller’s items for sale and not directly to the item.  If you would like your tricycle to be considered for our Tricycle of the Week, send us an email with link and photo to info(at)tricyclefetish(dot)com.