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Manufacturer: Colson  (also Evans-Colson and Evans)   Site of Operations: Elyria, Ohio
Founder: n/a   Contact Information: n/a
Parent Company Evans (Post 1953)   Website: n/a
Tricycles Made Since: 1880s   Notable Lines/Models: Colson Mickey Mouse Tricycle, Scout, Imperial
Still in Business: No    


In the 1880's Winslow Fay started his bicycle company in Elyria, Ohio. The company produced a device to smooth out dirt roads in order to make them more bicycle friendly. Immediately Fay Manufacturing began producing tricycles for adults and handicapped adults and selling them under the name "Fairy."

Fay sold his company, in 1891, to Arthur Garford who hired Fred Colson as a salesman. Colson was responsible for the merging of the remnants of Worthington, Fay, and Fairy into one company in 1917. It was at this point of merging that the company changed it's name to Colson. This was also the point where the company began a more prolific production of tricycles of many different models and sizes.

Colson was bought out by Evans Products Company of Plymouth, Michigan in 1953, at which point their bikes were sold under the name Evans-Colson. After a couple of years, the Colson was removed entirely from the name. Evans continued to produce trikes in addition to bikes. Some revolutionary tricycle schemes came out of the Evan's name, including the '49er and Moto-Trikes.

Currently, Kool Stop is producing a new line of Colson Replicas.

Notable Features: Below are some examples of Colson tricycle headbadges.

1940's Colson Imperial headbadge Colson Imperial headbadge   Mid-1950's Evans-Colson headbadge

Colson Mickey Mouse tricycle headbadge.

Colson Mickey front fender.

Rare Mickey Mouse license plate, only a couple are known to exist.

Colson Mickey Headbadge.

1920's era Colson Fairy head badge.




Early 1900's Worthington Fairy advertisement.


Colson Scout Headbadge

Colson Scout Headbadge.

Another Colson head badge variation from the 1940's.



Colson Fairy tiller type velocipede headbadge.

1930 Colson Fairy toy catalog cover.

1935 Colson Mickey Mouse tricycle advertisement.






Tricycle Photos & Info:

Colson Mickey Mouse Tricycle Circa ~1950 Colson Tricycle Colson Fire Chief & Mickey
Colson Chair Driven Tricycle ~1940 Colson Baby Bike Trike ~1920s Colson Scout ~1920s Colson Chain Driven tricycle ~1950
Older Colson Chain Driven Trike Evans-Colson tricycle from mid-1950's Evans tricycle, most likely late 1950's or early 1960's 1950's Evans tricycle





1930's Mickey Mouse Colson tricycle.

Probably a 1950's Evans-Colson tricycle.

~1920 Colson Scout tricycle.

1940's Colson w/ headlight.





1950's Evans-Colson tricycle.

~1920's Colson Scout.

1940's Colson Chain Driven Tricycle.

1930's Colson Chain Driven Tricycle.





Colson chain driven trikes from the 1930's and 1940's.





C. 1920's Colson Fairy tricycle with large 20" or bigger front wheel.

c. late 19-teens Colson Fairy tiller type tricycle.

(left) This photo shows a Colson Fairy tiller type velocipede or tricycle.  Colson was possibly the last company to mass produce these tiller type trikes.  The production seems to have ended around 1920.  These fairies are probably only distinguishable from their earlier Worthington and Fairy brand ancestors of a decade or so before by their headbadges.

1930's Colson Mickey & large fendered Fire Chief.

1940's era Colson chain driven tricycle.

Late 1930's or 40's era Colson with original paint.

Circa 1940 Colson.

Circa 1940's Colson.

Circa 1940 Colson chain-driven tricycle.

Another vintage fendered Colson tricycle from the 40's.

Restored circa 1940 Colson chain driven trike with newer pneumatic tires, grips, wheels, but a nice looking paint job.


Circa 1910 Colson Fairy velocipede tiller type tricycle.

Early tubular Colson velocipede / tricycle, circa 1920's.

Circa 1930's Colson Fairy tricycle.

NOS Colson, never ridden, 1950.

Colson Brownie tricycle, circa 1920's.

Colson chain driven tricycle in scarce color circa 1940's.



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