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Tricycle Photos:  1900-1920's

The twentieth century ushered in a new era of tricycles and velocipedes for children.  Some steel wheeled trikes with flat steel frames still seem to have been made after the turn of the century, but the design quickly changed to tubular construction of frames and wheels with rubber tires - first with wire tied rubber.  As time went by the tires got more and more rubber, both in thickness and width.  There were a few companies still producing velocipede type tricycles into the 1910's, but by 1920 virtually all production of such tricycle ceased.  By the 1930's, many tricycles had forms that are very similar to the ones produced today. 

      The evolution of society in America and around the world can be followed by photographs, and the evolution of the tricycle - both as a part of society and as a functional device - can be followed by photos as well.  Below we try to show some of the evolution of the tricycle from 1900 through the end of the 1920's.  If you have any pictures that you would to add to our page, please let us know.


More Tricycle Photos:        Pre-1900      -           1900 - 1920's         -          1930 - 1950's           -          1960 - Current

Note: When we update the photos pages, we always put the newest photos at the top.  We are always looking for more tricycle related photos, if you have any you'd like to share, please email us  

Risque' European nude RPPC of woman on adult tricycle - 1920's.


Early 1900's steel framed trike with rubber tires.


Teens or 20's steel tricycle, possibly European.


Probably a 1920's Hedstrom tricycle with two children riders.










Children with pedal car and walker-type tricycle ~1920.


Circa ~1920 steel tricycle with odd stem.


1920's disc wheel tricycle.














Girl on velocipede tricycle early 1900's.



Boy on steel tricycle w/ wire tied rubber tires ~early 1900's.



Snapshot of young boy on tubular framed trike w/ rubber tires, probably mid-late 1920's..


Postcard of boy w/ steel tricycle w/ rubber wheels, early 1900's.


Postcard of man on what looks to be a homemade invalid tricycle w/ pneumatic tires.


Basic tubular framed tricycle ~1920.


Turn of the century velocipede photo on RPPC.


Child on wooden tricycle type ride-on toy ~1910's.


~1920 tricycle type ride-on toy with wooden seat, possibly a Hedstrom.


~1920's tubular framed tricycle.


Possibly a late 1920's European tricycle.


Early 1900's postcard with older tricycle and also a pedal car.


Probably ~1920's.


1920's era wooden seated tricycle.


Looks to be all steel w/ tied rubber tires, and probably early 1900-1910's.


~1920's w/ thicker wire tied rubber wheels.


~1910's odd wood seated tricycle, probably European.


~1920 tubular framed tricycle w/ tied rubber wheels.


~1915 velocipede type tricycle w/ tied rubber tires..


From early 1900's postcard..



Early 1900's velocipede type tricycle.


~1920's tricycle.


1910's tricycle with Chicago license on handlebars.


Early 1900's, probably English tricycles.


Early 1900's, early wire tied rubber wheels, photo on postcard.


~1910 postcard with ride-on type tricycle.


~1920 tricycle w/ wooden seat - photo on postcard.


Early 1900's postcard photo - child on what looks like a homemade trike.


Probably mid-1920's tubular framed tricycle.


1920's steel frame tricycle with thicker tied rubber tires.



Early 1900's tricycle with early tied wire rubber tires.


Early 1900's postcard photo of boy on tricycle.


1920's era tricycle ride-on toy with wood seat.


Circa 1920 wooden tricycle ride-on toy.


20" tubular framed tricycle ~1920's.




1920's tubular framed tricycle.


~1910 odd framed tricycle.


Late 1920's tricycle with thicker rubber tires.


~1920 chain driven tricycle, probably European.


Another 1920's era chain driven European tricycle.


Late 20's or early 1930's tricycle.


~1910's tricycle with wooden seat, probably European.


~1910 or early 1900's.


1920's wood seat tricycle.


1910's or earlier tricycle, but photo looks to have been taken later.


1910's era transitional frame with tubes and flat steel w/ tied rubber tires.


1920's tubular framed tricycle.


1920's tricycle with wooden seat and thin tied rubber tires.


1910's era tricycle.


Early 1900's odd framed tricycle w/ tubular frame, possibly European?


~1920 tricycle ride-on w/ wooden seat.




~1920 tricycle with wooden seat built for two children.


1920's wooden seat tricycle.


1920's? era tricycle, quite an odd frame configuration, possibly European.


1910's - 1920's tubular framed tricycle - 20"


Early 1900's two seater flat steel & wicker tricycle.  Probably not American.


1910's era transitional frame with tubes and flat steel w/ tied rubber tires.


Teens-20's English looking tricycle with sidecar.


1920's era tubular framed tricycle.


1920's 20" tricycle.


1910's era transitional frame with tubes and flat steel w/ tied rubber tires.


Early 1900's flat steel tricycle w/ tied rubber tires.


Late 1910's tricycle, possibly a Colson Baby Bike.


1920's tubular framed tricycle.

Tricycle Fetish is the only online source for antique tricycle and vintage tricycle information. We have spent numerous hours collecting information on tricycle manufacturers to provide you with a history on your old tricycle. We have included hundreds of antique tricycle photographs from the early 1800's, vintage tricycles from the 1940's to contemporary tricycles of today. We've answered thousands of questions over the years and will continue to help you in your research well into the future. We adore these tricycles just as any child would and collect them ourselves. If you find any helpful information on your tricycle here, please let us know. We love to hear from other tricycle enthusiasts. Send us photos your tricycle restorations or a photo of the trike that is special to you and we'll include it here on the site. We'd also like to include a link to your site if you provide tricycle parts, supplies, repair kits, restoration or any other type of tricycle related service.
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