Manufacturer: AMF Site of Operations: New York – Office
Founder: Contact Information:
Parent Company AMF Website:
Tricycles Made Since: 1951 Notable Lines/Models: Junior, Rocket Trike, Wee Rider
Still in Business: Yes

AMF is probably most well-known for making bowling pins and bowling supplies, and for owning Harley-Davidson Motorcycles for
a time.      

Early in 1951, Junior Toy was sold to the American Machine and Foundry Company (AMF) in New York City.  In this deal Junior Toy Company merged with Cleveland Welding Company (producers of Roadmaster bicycles) under the umbrella of AMF. After a few years, the plant in Hammond was closed down completely. 

AMF continued to produce tricycles with the Junior name.  Then tricycles with Junior AMF, and later simply as AMF tricycles. 

In 1993 Roadmaster acquired Flexible Flyer and in 1997 Roadmaster was bought out by Brunswick, and became part of the Brunswick Outdoor Recreation Group. Roadmaster continues to produce tricycles today.

Notable Features & Other

Late 1950’s or 1960’s era AMF Junior
headbadge sticker.

1960’s era AMF Junior tricycle headbadge

1960’s (probably late) era AMF Junior headbadge

This head
badge is from AMF Junior tricyles from the early to mid-1950’s.

Late 1950’s era AMF Junior headbadge

If you need an AMF Junior tricycle headbadge
from the late 1950’s or early 60s, you should be able to use Photoshop
and create one from this image.


1957 AMF Junior Rocketrike rocket tricycle

1955 AMF Sulky trike ad

1957 AMF Rocket tricycle ad.

1960 AMF tricycle advertisement.

1965 AMF tricycle, pedal car and ride-on

1959 AMF Junior Toy catalog page “U-Bone”

1959 AMF Junior Toy catalog page “U-Bone”

More 1959 Junior AMF tricycles.

More 1959 AMF Junior trikes.

1961 AMF Junior tricycle catalog page.

Another page of 1961 AMF Junior models.

1955 AMF Junior Sulky tricycle advertisement.
Can you imagine why the stopped making those?


Wee Rider Tricycle Wee Rider Tricycle Evil Kneivel Trike

Evil Kneivel Trike Rocket Trike Rocket Trike Chain Driven Rocket Trike

Late 1960’s – 1970’s AMF tricycle.

1970’s AMF tricycle

1960’s AMF Junior tricycle with basket.

Early-mid 1950’s AMF Junior Bike tricycle.
This trike has basically the same design as Junior brand tricycles
like this before Junior Toy Co. was bought out by AMF.

1950’s fendered AMF Junior tricycle.

Late 1950’s Space Age AMF Junior Rocket
Trike – chain driven model.

1950’s AMF Junior Rocket Trike – notice
the head and tail caps of the rocket are still intact, which is
pretty rare to find.

1950’s or early 1960’s AMF Junior
tricycle with basket.

1950’s AMF Junior tricycle with Space
Age fender and handlebars.

Late 1950’s AMF Junior trike.

Late 1950’s AMF Junior Rocket Trike.

Late 1960’s Sportmaster trike produced
by AMF.

Basic 16″ AMF Junior from early
1950’s with pierced fender skirt.

1970’s AMF Rumbler chopper style tricycle..

JC Penney 1960’s dual-deck tricycle
manufactured by AMF for the department store chain.

AMF produced Westpoint tricycle circa

Late 1950’s AMF tricycle, basic trike
with addition of a plastic fender..

Late 1950’s AMF Junior Rocket Trike.

Circa 1970’s AMF Junior tricycle with
banana seat and a cool lime green paint job.

Circa 1960 AMF Junior Wee Wheeler toddler

Circa 1960’s AMF Junior red & white

Circa 1970’s AMF tricycle with hand
crank for special needs child.

1970’s low rider big wheel type AMF

Circa late 1950’s AMF Junior tricycle
with swivel rear wheels and handbrake.


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